ADDRESS POBox 2482 Castro Valley, CA 94546 California, U.S.A.
CONTACT Mail: Phone: 510-583-6429
What problem are you solving?: Useless counts in 100’s, 1000’s.  Facebook’s "Like", Google's "g+" and Twitter's "Follow" buttons are words of digital language. The purpose of these gestures/messages is to incorporate a new activity easily, with the single click of a mouse. However, this ease of incorporation has also reduced the value of these gestures/messages. Social networking Need authentication (cloud) Requires proximity (physical connection) Must be renewed (fading time/proximity weight) Bring friendship back to reality What is innovative about your technology?: It is a new "digital gesture". We have filed patent for it, titled "Proximity enabled Digital gesture & tracking". We have been granted trademark on word "Fike" usage for Internet-based service/software. Human languages consist of words. Digital languages consist of gestures. Multi-touch language was introduced in 2007, with the advent of iPhone. With this gesture "Fike" we are introducing "multi-device" language. How is your technology unique?: It is our invention. Nobody has tried anything even remotely similar to it. We have filed for patent at USPTO, and have already obtained trademark on word "Fike" for providing internet based online service/software. "Fike" is, new "Like" "Fike" = "Face-to-Face encounter" + "Like" Fike data will remain ANONYMOUS, always !!! We love onions. Fike is a new social gesture. Fike is "proximity-authenticated" social gesture. How does it work? When two persons have a favorable encounter, they tap their phones, together. This "tap" is recorded in a cloud based database, along with geo-coordinates of this favorable encounter. This "tap" is recorded anonymously, in the cloud-database. However, in another database, personal count of these "taps" is incremented by "1" for each person involved in this favorable encounter. We call this "tap" as "Fike" meaning "Face-to-Face" Like. Underlying technology behind this "Fike" gesture can be any proximity technology, like NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi, ZigBee, Accelerometer, RF sensing, Signal strength, etc. However, every technology, and subsequent level of proximity will have specific weight.